The Team

The Permanent Team

Esméralda Jail, Julien Kühne, Philippe Salvat, and Céline Schuers
Philippe Salvat in collaboration with Céline Schuers and Esméralda Jail work in the vineyards ensuring the health and balance of the vines. They benefit from a good knowledge of the terroir of the Fenouillèdes. Thanks to their experience and commitment the quality of the fruit from our vineyards is improving every year.

In the winery, we can principally rely on Julien Kühne. He is helping in the vineyards as well when the need arises. Céline is also involved in the winery when necessary.

Lately we developped an activity with the bees. Esméralda was very keen on taking responsibility for it as she already had some as a hobby. She underwent training courses and now we have 5 beehives.

Carole deals with administrative and secretarial matters, ensuring that all the paperwork associated with running a domaine of over 24 hectares is completed correctly and on time.

The Seasonal Team

The meticulous work carried out in our vineyards often requires extra assistance. Seasonally, this is particularly true at harvest-time, when we employ up to 15 additional staff. Thanks to our position in the community, we are able to work with people from the local area. This allows us to employ the same team each year, which encourages good relationships, as well as experienced conscientious workers, while avoiding any unnecessary travel and its cost to the environment.

Mark Walford

In 1982 Roy and Mark founded Richards Walford and Co., specialising in fine, French wine. They quickly started to establish a reputation for working with the best winemakers in France. They have supported Soula from the start.

Now, Mark is bringing his important commercial know-how to Le Soula.

Gérard Gauby

Gérard is the creator of Soula. He discovered the terroir and at the beginning he worked the vines and was responsible for making the wines. The arrival of Gérald Standley has reduced his workload on a daily basis, but he is still a key figure at Le Soula and the domaine continues to benefit from his great knowledge of the region and its vineyards, as well as his winemaking expertise.

His wife, Ghislaine, and their children, Mélanie and Lionel have also contributed much to Soula. They passionately promoted Soula, as well as dealing with administrative matters.